Bodyguards & Gunman

Bodyguards & Gunman

In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, A-nine Contractor Security Services delivers the best Bodyguards, Gunman, and Manpower Security Services. Our bodyguards, gunmen, and manpower have received extensive training and are licensed to carry firearms in order to PROTECT people and/or property of contractual clients.

PREVENTION is our Gunman’s obligation before an event or infraction occurs. After an event or infraction, it is the responsibility of our Gunman to REPORT.

Our Gunman’s major role is to act as a deterrent to threats to Client’s property, as well as to assist in safeguarding the safety of employees and guests while at Client’s premises. A Gunman’s six basic functions are as follows:

  • Control Center Operations such as fire safety
  • Common Tasks connected to security
  • Access Control, Screening,
  • Visitor Processing
  • Patrol and Response,
  • Other safety procedures,

Gunmen spend the majority of their time engaging with the public to ensure that proper protocols are followed in order to minimize threats and maximize security for all inhabitants in the client’s facility. Interaction and communication with the general population are high-importance, high-frequency tasks.

Our Gunman’s look in duty uniform, as well as given equipment, is clean and immaculate to present a professional image and to identify the Gunman as the first line of response from a trained and responsible security team.

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